A song about love, pain and loss


Words and Music by JAG Delaney (c) 1995 & 2010

Verse 1
Novocaine, made in shame faced
How’s the pain? why can’t you wait?
Take a shot, from the doctor
Hold that thought, too late you lost her

Verse 2
Novocaine I can’t take it
Novocaine, thought we’d make it
Novocaine, sweet tooth heartache
Sugar, you decayed me

Rotting away inside
Rain just stains all your life blood
Drains away and you’re no good
Novocaine, I can’t stand it
Novocaine, it’s just like you planned it,

Verse 3
Novocaine is that a girl’s name?
It’d do for you, if you’d ease my pain
But revenge is best served cold
and you’re half-frozen, all told

Chorus as above

Running away with yourself
Your feelings are taking over the world
Your prayers will be heard in hell
Can’t you tell …..that it’s time?

Instrumental Verse 5

Chorus as above

Oh let me ask you what’s your game?
Put me under, let me sleep, Novocaine
Rotting away inside....


from Songs From The Sea of Serenity, released May 20, 2011
Written by JAG Delaney (c)1995 and 2010
Jon Delaney - vocals/acoustic guitar/nashville high strung
Duncan Bisatt - bass/shaker
Aaron Burbidge - drums
Recorded at AB Studios, Harpole Apr 2010, Engineered by Aaron Burbidge. Remixed Sep 2010 at the Lodge by Max Read.


all rights reserved



The Rogue State Circus Northamptonshire, UK

A band in the service of their songs.

Genre-warping and proud of it.

Led by Singer/Songwriter Jon Delaney ( also of Cardinal, Cloudy, Kismet Hardy and Wildflower Rogue)

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